British Values

Welcome to our section on the Policies we have in place to keep children safe at abc 123 Pre-School Ltd.

Admissions Policy

Administration of Medications Policy

Accident Reporting Policy

All Weather Play Policy

Anti Bullying Policy

Animals in the Setting

Assessment & Reporting Policy

Attendance Policy

Behavioural Management & Rewards Policy

Collection of Children Policy

Complaints Procedure

Curriculum Policy

Educational Visits Policy

eSafety Policy

Fire & Evacuation Policy

GDPR Policy

Health & Safety Policy

Health Eating Policy

IT Acceptable Use Policy

Lockdown Policy

Key Person Policy

Medical Conditions Policy

Mobile Phone Policy

Missing Child Policy

Nappy Changing Policy

Promoting British Values Policy

Risk Assessment Policy

Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy

School Closure Policy

School Safety & Security Policy

Sickness & Illness Policy

Smoking e-cigarettes and Vaping

Snack & Lunch Policy

Special Educational Needs Policy

Staff Conduct Policy

Staff Child Ratios

Student Placement Policy

Uncollected Chid Policy

Visitor Policy